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VMVMAOMAO archivesUn click d'oeil sur Aoste


A click on Aosta. Pictures of the town of Aosta
taken by the photographic section of C.C.S. Cogne - Aosta

To know a bit more …

… about temporary exhibitions of the Virtual Museum Vallée ““Un click d’œil sur Aoste”, special photographic itinerary to discover the town. 
click oeil aoste PREFACE
The temporary exhibition hosted by the Virtual Museum Vallée "Un click d'oeil sur Aoste (A click on Aosta)", realised by the Photographic Section of the C.C.S. Cogne – Aosta, comes within the objectives of the online Cultural Centre which is a living workshop open to all those who wish to be part of it. In this case it is the virtual shop window for the work realised in the last two years by the amateur photographers of the C.C.S. Cogne – Aosta, and allows us to make the numerous cultural activities related to photography, that the members of the C.C.S. Cogne - Aosta have created to keep alive the interest towards a means of expression not always appreciated as it deserved to be, known to the wider public.

The project "Un click d'oeil sur Aoste" forms part of the group of activities realised by the Photographic Section of the C.C.S. Cogne - Aosta during the biennium 2004/2005. This project is structured in three parts - the first as an exhibition, the second virtual, the third as a published product – thanks to which the members of the Photographic Section restore the town of Aosta, seen through their unusual and original eyes; a regard beyond the traditional shots offered to the tourist and in a position to represent in an artistic fashion, beside the more well-known and recognisable views of the town, also particular moments of daily life. Numerous "click d'œil" – different in their style and format – able to involve as much the “virtual visitor” as the one who lives and knows Aosta.

The path of photography led the Section first of all to the town’s squares; in 2004 the pictures taken by the members were presented to the public on the occasion of the exhibition "AOSTA – FOTOINPIAZZA", staged in the month of July in the Regional Library of Aosta; the exhibition was restaged from December 2004 in the Aosta District Salon of Art. The work continued during 2005 with tripods and cameras positioned in the streets, courtyards, alleyways of Aosta. The new pictures were exhibited from the 11th to the 20th July 2005 in the main room of the ‘Torre dei Signori’ at the Praetorian Gate. The realisation of these exhibitions has been possible thanks to the support and collaboration of the District of Aosta, the Assessorship of Productive Activities and the A.I.A.T. of Aosta.

Finally, the book, represents the concluding stage of this compelling project. It contains all the photos taken by the members, both those of the exhibition "AOSTA – FOTOINPIAZZA", together with those of the town with which the 2005 exhibition has been realised, and can therefore be considered as the definitive "catalogue" of the project "Un click d'œil sur Aoste". On leafing through its pages the reader fulfils an imaginary trip which has  as its points of departure and arrival the Émile Chanoux Square: following the footsteps of the members it is possible both to revisit certain familiar places as also to stop and admire the views and details that one does not know or which have never been seen illuminated by the final rays of sunlight of redrawn by the light of the streetlamps and the shadows of the night. A trail facilitated by the captions present beneath each of the pictures, so useful for finding the place or for reliving the instant when the photographer’s eye caught "that particular light" and "that particular situation".

The book, produced thanks to the support of the Council of the Autonomous Region of the Valley of Aosta, has been published by Formagrafica Edizioni and, for those who would like to purchase it, is available at Photographic Section of the C.C.S. Cogne – Aosta (eMail fotoaosta@interfree.it)

The Photographic Section was created within the C.C.S. Cogne - Aosta with the objective of promoting cultural, recreational and didactic activities linked to photography. Alongside the organisation of courses on the recovery and printing of photographs, projection and technical workshops with professionals and expects of the sector, the Section has, for several years, been developing projects aimed at the staging of exhibitions and the publishing of thematic material directed at the wider public.

Exhibitions organised:
- Esposizione "MONTAGNA", held in the salon of communal art of Aosta in August 2002.
- Esposizione "ACQUA", held in the salon of communal art of Aosta in August 2003 and the communal exhibition salon of St Nicolas in September 2003.
- Esposizione "AOSTA – FOTOINPIAZZA", held at the Aosta Regional Library in July 2004, the Maison de Mosses at Avise in August 2004 and the Aosta District salon of art from December 2004 to Janaury 2005.

As a result of the collaboration with the Associazione Nazionale Alpini di Aosta (National Alpin Association of Aosta, a volume was published in the spring of 2005 on the 76th National Gathering of the Alpins with the photos taken by the members of the Section during the event.
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