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The celestial creatures of the Turin artist Tea Giobbio

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The celestial creatures of the Turin artist Tea Giobbio 
tea giobbo stranieri dal cielo


They appear as if by enchantment out of a thick fog. More than a fog, it resembles low clouds, as one says in the mountains. They appear out of the sky like creatures from another world. Not at all familiar. But in fact they are cows, or rather calves. The tranquil bovines that we have always known. Those that graze in the forever-green meadows of TV advertisements. But the animals of Tea Giobbio belong to another race, not at all unbeknown. They are magic beings enveloped in a languid and utterly morbid black and white, caressed by a luminous air which pervades the space and renders it fluid and transparent.

In this surreal dream the young steers pasture far from their real destiny. Almost invisible presences, deprived of thickness like gauze, like tissue paper, they stand out against a clear sky and look forwards. Some have their muzzles low down as if they would wish to tear away the delicate veil that separates them from reality. Others are absorbed by the enchanted immobility of the place which is pure language. That place which Tea Giobbio wants to protect as a living part of his imagination and which allows him to create a world which does not exist, where only signs of reality remain, intermingled with fresh immaterial poetry.

Tea Giobbio was born in Buenos Aires in 1958. He lives and works in Turin.

A selection of personal exhibitions:

1988 - Autoritratti sotto la Mole (Self-portraits under the Mole), Fondazione Italiana per la Fotografia, Turin.

2000 - Identità (Identity), Galleria San Fedele, Milan.

2002 - Ricordi senza storia (Storyless memories), Galleria Torretta-Sarnico (Bg).

2003 – Variazioni su nulla (Variations on nothing), Galleria Joyce, Genoa.

Selections of collective exhibitions:

1999 - Portfolio a confronto (Portfolio in comparison), Galleria San Fedele, Milan.

2001 – Ritrovarsi nello specchio (There again in the mirror), Museo Ken Damy, Brescia.

2002 – Una Babele postmoderna (A postmodern Babel), Palazzo Pigorini, Parma.

2002 – Interni Italiani (Italian interiors), Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, Lisbon.

2002 – Corpi dispersi (Missing bodies), Castello di Barolo.

2002 - Interni Italiani (Italian interiors), Istituto di Cultura, Prague.

2002 – Bam Project, Fabrik Officine Soniche, Moncalieri.

2003 – Corpi liberi (Missing bodies), Pretura of Castell’ Arquato.

2004 – Il corpo solitario (The solitary body), En Plein Air (In the fresh air), Pinerolo.

2005 – Novarum, Copenhagen.

2005 – Un dollaro per... (A dollar for…), Galleria Fusion, Turin.

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