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To know any more about the educational workshop

- Toc, toc…May we come in ? Good morning, sorry for disturbing…I would need an information. I am looking for the address….she hesitates by reading as she does not define very well the letters. She puts the skin-mask as enlargment lenses. Ah ! here is…the address www.vmv.it. Could you let me know the right way to go in ?

Nobody replies, so Raffaella exclaims : Goodness! This address hunt is more difficult than I thought it! In reality I did not get a lot of information except this message written by a mysterious person

Dear surfer
My name is VMV. I am a collector…I like to gather everywhere any pleasant photographs and pictures which are able to awake my curiosity about cow and Aosta town! And for this reason I thought to found the Virtual Museum Vallée. Do you want to know how is happened?

It happened by chance. I was showing to a friend my collection : photographies, postcards, postage stamps, stickers, stamps and files scattered in the drawers of my grand-mother's desk when Baldo tells me "VMV, look at these pictures it's quite funny!..You know…he was really right!Tonight at home I thought again about all this material and I got a really "virtual" idea! To create in internet a museum full of photographies and pictures about Aosta town and cows which be able to give a scrap of observing, to excite curiosity, to discover something but above all to surf! Virtual Museum Vallée has been created like that!

It was an enthousiastic work. But I realized that it was not possible to insert all the pictures at random as I kept them in the drawer of my grand mother's desk. So, I created Mao and Mumu, Aosta Museum and Cow Museum. I am sure that you will divert you so much to surf in it ! It is sufficient to pay a visit at www.vmv.it

Good surf

As soon as I read the message I said "hurry up …il sounds to be so funny ! Then, I like cows and I am crazy about their milk..as Aosta town be concerned …beh…I am living here! I am curious to find out some places of the town I don't know"
I put again the letter in the cover and went to the lumber-room. I heard again the VMV message last words :"come to surf and discover Internet!"But what is Internet? According to VMV it is only possible to find out it by surfing in www.vmv.it
What must I bring with me ?I do not own a ship, watercraft…Mask, nosepiece, flippers are all the best I can find in this mess of objects. I hope it will be sufficient to surf!!!

…so my adventure with VMV initiated like this…..Mysterious character of the educational workshop which leads us to find out Aosta Musuem, through the game of "
See you soon!

Il gioco del viaggio nel tempo
Il gioco del viaggio nel tempo
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