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mao aosta museum
mumu cow museum
Aosta from the sky
Loris Genesio
vanluc nghiempu
Vanluc Nghiempu
spazio scuola
An area for schools.
bambini mucca laboratori didattici scuole
Mumu Educational workshops


VMV Virtual Museum Valley is an online Cultural Centre that gathers and exploits, in a big electronic album, the existing iconographic material (pictures, photographs, postcards, prints...), presently scattered about in various local places.
Virtual Museum Valley is a virtual area at disposal of all those who want to constitute a real community to debate, explain and make the identity of Valley of Aosta known.
VMV offers, at the moment, two Museums: MAO - Aosta Museum and MUMU - Cow Museum, two seemingly contrasting realities but which describe the Town and the Territory surrounding it. VMV wishes to provide an integrated cultural image, to have the particularities of the valdotain culture known beyond the limits of the region.

MAO - Aosta Museum is the Town’s Virtual Museum. It is devoted to collecting the images of the past and present history concerning either the urban evolution of Aosta or the daily life of its inhabitants. MAO is a living workshop where everybody is invited to provide their contribution by sending photographs, images, pictures, postcards, prints (in jpeg format or on paper or card) with supporting information (dates, places, names...), thus participating in the saving of our collective memory. All the pictures gathered are sorted, recorded and then inserted in a Permanent Collection which mentions the lender's name and recognises the legitimate owner. MAO wishes to inspire in the citizens the pleasure of constructing our history together and discussing the destiny of our own city.

< P>MUMU - Cow Museum is the Virtual Museum of the Cow. The Aosta Valley is characterised a region where the spirit and the values of the agricultural world are still present: a culture with its origins in the land and the cow is the recognised symbol of this. MUMU presents cow iconography in all its forms: from design to advertising, from postcards to stamps, from art to handicrafts, valorising all the creative expressions that have the mythical bovine as subject, either under the specific profile of the valdotain tradition or under that of international culture. MUMU says that the world has been built around the cow.

The Virtual Museum Valley is a project financed by the European Social Fund, the Autonomous Region of the Valley of Aosta and the Ministry of Labour and Social Politics and has been realised by the N.B. Company of Patrizia Nuvolari and the company NETBE - Internet Solutions of Jean-Paul Lustrissy and Andrea Guarda .

Press Release VMV - Virtual Museum Vallée

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