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A day in an alp
Roberto Ferrero

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roberto ferrero fotografie alpeggio < p>A DAY IN AN ALP < / p>

Roberto Ferrero's pictures < / p>

Telling a day in an alp spent with shepherds early in the morning among the mists and cowshed fumes. Writing with light every moment of a life that recurs always the same, < / p>

the ancient men and women gestures, the children attentive looks wearing pants and fashionable felts. Standing there in this still life wrapped into the great silence of the mountain that dogs bark or a lonely mooing break from time to time. Robing pictures to compose a poem that still causes emotions because that so faraway and however so actual life is able to do it. All that Roberto Ferrero intends to do with his black and white report about life in an high valdostan alp. Sharing shepherds'life up there on the summit of the world, by feeling and grasping the moods of a so different life according to our habits. His look was attentive and respectful : he didn't rape the cowshed protective darkness with the blinding light of the flash, he chose longer exposure times to seize the dusky light that better flatters beasts and people. This light comes from the small windows above the trough, absorbs humidity and depicts delicate shapes and soft shaddows. We see little, but feel breath, odor and heat. < / p>

The alp, a last and faraway border. Some grass, rocks and clouds; kingdom of a beloved and mothered animal whose presence makes bitterness of an even inviolate nature mitigate. < / p>

Roberto Ferrero's photos are some scraps of a simple life, moulded by a great labor that few people dare to meet with nowadays, related with discretion and involvement. Ferrero observes and transposes in his pictures these silences, because up there, close to the sky, everyone is alone.


Roberto Ferrero was born in Finale Ligure on July, 13 1967. For several years he has been living and working in Aosta Valley where he started his photographer career in Photo Factory of Courmaueur where he lived from 1990 to 1992. Since 1993, he has been transfered in La Thuile where he developped and still managed Artemania: an agency and a photo workshop

Due to his formation he frequented the photography course in the Italian Fashion in Genova, however his professional training has initiated and proceeded on above all in the numerous workshops achieved by the most important international photographers as Andreas Bitesnich, Kent Koberteen, Mimmo Jodice.

In 2000, he won the Pentax Premium at the phootographic competition Photo Italia.

In 2005, he exhibited "Venice portrait, chi c’è dietro la maschera", in Tia Pepa space of Finale Ligure (Sv). Always in 2005 he exhibited "La magia di un formaggio: la Fontina", in Al 3 space of Calice Ligure (SV).

Presently he is woking with different firms and marketing agencies such as Fedrigoni and Promotor. The exhibition "A day in an alp" is his first exhibition in Aosta Valley

Roberto Ferrero
Fraz. Entrèves 146
11016 La Thuile
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